Reoccupation next Saturday

A meeting was held at the Trafalgar Square Occupation on Sunday 3rd April 12.00. It was decided nearly unanimously to have a repeat of the occupation on Saturday 9th April with a possibility to making this a weekly occurrence.
In occupying Trafalgar Square repeatedly so soon after the half-a-million strong march on the 26th of March and Vince Cable’s refusal to “change its fundamental economic policy simply in response to a demonstration of that kind.” we want to show that we will not go back home until the government realises that popular opinion is against its program of cuts and changes its policies.
Ater the violent eviction of peaceful protesters on March 26th we intend to show that without police presence protesters can organise themselves peaceully and lawfully. We showed this on the 2nd of April when the police stayed at a distance for the entire occupation and there was no conflict or illegal activity. Police intervention at protests only serve to antagonise and incite violence. This occupation intends to defend our right to peaceful protest.
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Keep up to date with twitter throughout the day!/OccupyTraf

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General meeting

General meeting at 7pm Trafalgar Square to discuss plans for the occupation.

What do people want to see as a result? What are our tactics?

Guests include Mark Bergfeld of Education Activist Network and Vijak Haddadi, Philosopher from Kingston University.

Press welcome.

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Facebook event

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I think it’s important to explain why we are advocating non-violence in this occupation. It is not due to a moral decision on pacifism, I’d rather leave that debate for another day. This is a tactical decision, the state is much stronger than us and if we try to use brute force to stay in the square we will lose. In this case the best form of defence is non-violent resistance. I am not suggesting that we up and move when the police ask us to. My proposal is that we stay where we are, or we move to the nearest tent and lie down. We hold on to our comrades to prevent the police dragging them away. We let our bodies go limp so it will take three officers to carry us.

The police want us to be violent. This gives them full power to use violence themselves – don’t fall for the trap. By refusing to strike a blow at police we deny them legitimacy to hit us.

Remember the state has the media on its side, and they will use it exaggerate the smallest act of violence on our part and excuse every act of violence the police commit. So our only option to show the world that we are not the thugs is to react non-violently. I acknowledge this is not an easy thing to do, but if we keep this tactic in mind we take away one of the strongest weapons the police has.

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Plan of action for Saturday evening

18.10 Meet at UCL quad to walk down together.

18.25 Assemble in Trafalgar Square at base of steps

18.30 Pitch tents close together with space in the middle for congregation

19.00 General meeting

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Planning meeting

Meeting 5pm tomorrow (Thursday March 31st) at Nelson’s Column to  discuss practical arrangements. Quick reconnoitre of the area to see what can go where, then discussion in the Chandos pub, about 2 minutes away. All invited, would be great to meet you all before the actual event.

Afterwards, a couple of us will be making a trip to the Hyde Park Lawful Rebellion meeting to trade ideas and show solidarity. Please feel free to join us

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