Trafalgar Square Anti Cuts Occupation Saturday 23rd April

Following three successful peaceful occupations of Trafalgar Square on the 2nd, 9th and 16th of April, we will be holding another occupation from Saturday 23rd April 18.30 for 24 hours and invite you to attend. Unless otherwise stated this will continue on a weekly basis.

Please help spread the word if you can. Facebook event –

People are welcome to come for as long as you can, whether that is for the night camping, to pop in for a cup of tea or for a workshop. We’d love to hear from artists, performers, speakers and workshop leaders too! Do bring food to share (ideally vegan) and we will aim to have pot luck dinner on Saturday evening again.

The key aims of the occupation are:

– To raise awareness of the ideological cuts that the Government is instigating – without mandate – and how they are affecting the most vulnerable in society, creating a safe space for all, including parents and children, where alternatives to current policy can be discussed and learned about, with workshops, talks, debates and creative art.

– To defend the right to peaceful protest. The group intends to show that without police presence, protesters can organise themselves peacefully and lawfully. This has already been successfully demonstrated on previous occupations, when the police stayed at a distance and there was no conflict. If there are attempts to remove participants, they will resist non-violently through passive resistance. The group refuses to use violence when it is violence done to our society that it is trying to resist.

Further info:

– Keeping it safe –

– Things to bring –

On the day you can keep in the loop:

– On Twitter (

– On Facebook (

– Plus via the camp phone: 078044 067766

Website –

Campers from 9th April. Credit: Ronan McNern

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