Pro Cuts Bingo @ Trafalgar Square Anti Cuts Occupation (#procutsbingo)

We are making a bingo game for us to play, with right wing/pro-cuts arguments on them. We’ve got some so far, have you heard any more? Feel free to suggest new additions for the list. x

  1. Labour got us into this mess!
  2. Gordon Brown sold all our gold
  3. They’re just making services more efficient
  4. Our national debt is gaining interest every day!
  5. Your protest won’t make any difference.
  6. Get a job!
  7. Just write a letter to your MP!
  8. You’re just jealous of successful people.
  9. If we tax the rich they’ll leave the country!
  10. But your movement is divided: Violent thugs and peaceful Hippies! WHICH ARE YOU?
  11. But Fortnum and Mason give to CHARITY!
  12. I suppose you want to increase benefits too?
  13. Yes it’s unfair but there IS no alternative!
  14. We ALL have to tighten our belts.
  15. We have to stimulate economic growth
  16. The NHS and the Post Office run at a loss – that just won’t do!
  17. You just care about your own pay and perks!
  18. Why do you want to pass the debt on to THE CHILDREN?
  19. Like you wouldn’t avoid taxes if you could!
  20. I had to work for my privileges, you just want handouts!
  21. We will protect the “vulnerable” (Adrian via Facebook)
  22. They took our jobs (Joe via Facebook)
  23. We’re all in this together (Wendyl via Facebook)
  24. We’re going to pause & listen (Wendyl via Facebook)
  25. Frontline services will be protected (thanks to @djhanks)
  26. These cuts are not ideological (@biggerchief)
  27. Disabled claimants have nothing to fear (@BrokenOfBritain)
  28. Coalition Govt making the Benefits system easier (@BrokenOfBritain)
  29. We’ve got to mend broken Britain
  30. ‘Big Society’
  31. It’s because of the immigrants!
  32. We’re focusing on the squeezed middle
  33. We would have been the next greece, ireland or portugal (Allan via Facebook)
  34. We’ve had the worst winter in years (@robomam)
  35. We mustn’t tax bankers too much or they’ll leave the country (@pareayh)
  36. We have to reduce public spending in order to reduce the deficit (@pareayh)
  37. Those with the broadest shoulders will bear the brunt of the cuts (@djhanks)
  38. We are tough on banks, bonuses & non-doms (@BrokenOfBritain)
  39. Why do you think that bus drivers, who never have the chance of going to university, should have to pay for your education?
  40. We can’t afford housing benefit at current rates (@pareayh)
  41. YOUR party, Labour didn’t do any better”… [like since when were there only 2 parties?] (@ColourMeWed)
  42. Because there are too many people shirking work and choosing to live on benefits. Britain is broken and we have no work ethic (@politicsgeek)
  43. At least we’re not touching the NHS or education… (@Alisonannk)
  44. Because you’re worth it (@etherealabyss)
  45. Think of the poor wittle corporations… you don’t want the corporations to cry do you? (@Chubby_Chocobo)
  46. Street parties are a great way for neighbours to come together and celebrate the royal wedding (@djhanks)
  47. Don’t you want to do volunteer work? (@yogilesley)
  48. If Phillip Green and other businessmen paid their taxes, they wouldn’t be able to keep so many people in employment (@news_unspun)
  49. We inherited this situation fron the previous administration (@robomam)
  50. Were paying off the nations credit card… (Carol via Facebook)
  51. Why should we pay your uni fee’s ? (Sophie via Facebook)
  52. Why do you think that bus drivers, who never have the chance of going to university, should have to pay for your education? (Simon via Facebook)

More info about Trafalgar Square Anti Cuts Occupation:

Facebook event for occupation on 16th April –

Facebook page (good place to stay in the loop) –

Twitter –

Website –

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4 Responses to Pro Cuts Bingo @ Trafalgar Square Anti Cuts Occupation (#procutsbingo)

  1. judy says:

    You fought the war so that we could enjoy freedom from tyranny.
    You endured the years of rationing so that we could enjoy years of plenty.
    And you built the welfare state so that we could enjoy decades of universal healthcare.

    Cameron in his speech “An invitation to older people”

  2. judy says:

    And in the Budget to come, and in the years ahead.
    We. This Party. This Government. This Chancellor. We are all going to be on your side.

    George Osborne March 5th 2011

  3. judy says:

    Everything we do – from pensions to unemployment and disability benefits – everything we do is about seeing lives transformed…The destination is making sure everyone has a life they can be proud of…supporting themselves, and their families, if possible, and if it’s not possible, then receiving the support they need, with dignity and kindness and respect.

    Ian Duncan Smith March 6th 2011

  4. J says:

    I think There Is No Alternative is the most insidious one. It has a totalitarian air to it and for some reason if you say it often enough people start to believe it. Incidentally, I think we should all be making lists of phrases Labour uses to wimp out of opposing cuts.

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