Press Release

Following the 500,000 strong TUC march through London on Saturday, protestors hung a banner from the plinth in Trafalgar Square which declared: We Demand Regime Change. Several thousand people came to occupy the square in what the BBC described as a ‘post-Tahrir Square event’.

The situation deteriorated into a kettle and there have been vivid reports of violence. Despite this, many protestors remained on the plinth, exercising our right to protest. The police resorted to arresting the remaining peaceful protestors in order to clear the square in the early hours of the morning.

Undeterred by the events of Saturday night, we will return to peacefully reoccupy the square. We will hold a peaceful assembly in the square to discuss what can be done to stop the cuts and growing inequalities in the UK and beyond. Talks will be held not by well-known people, but by the protestors themselves. This assembly is a place for people like you and me to discuss how the cuts have effected us, and to plan the future of our movement against the cuts.

The planned action on Saturday has no need for leaders. It has arisen spontaneously from discussions on social networking sites following the momentous events of Saturday 26th. The anti-cuts movement can rapidly organise large numbers of people. 24 hours after creating the facebook page advertising the event, 385 people have said they will be attending, and 7,509 are awaiting reply.

Pensions are being attacked, housing benefit slashed, and vital services privatised. VAT has been increased, while corporation tax has been cut. Youth unemployment is at a record high. The public sector is cynically being used to pay off the banker’s debts. We don’t need reminding that we face an uncertain future.

On March 26th this huge movement against this government of millionaires found its voice. This is just the beginning. Our future is not for sale.

We call on all those seeking an alternative to the cuts to join us this Saturday. Our rapid organisation and our numbers are our strength The events on Saturday were just the beginning: the fight continues.

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