Occupy Trafalgar Square for the Alternative

On Saturday the 26th of March 2011 Trafalgar Square was occupied by anti-cuts protesters with the intention to stay peacefully overnight. We plan to make another attempt at a occupation of Trafalgar Square on Saturday 2nd of April to show our continued peaceful resistance, and do so with a clearer purpose and approach, and a greater level of organisation.

The people united will never be defeated. If they push us we will come back and if they knock us down then we will get up again. If we choose to resist an attempt to remove us, then it will be non-violently; through passive resistance. We refuse to use violence when it is violence done to our society that we are trying to resist.

In occupying Trafalgar Square, we hope to create a space where alternatives to current policy can be discussed and learned about. We’re looking in to getting some speakers for this purpose.

Over the last few months, a new dawn of resistance has swept the globe with huge crowds occupying Tahrir square in Egypt and the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. This has inspired millions, as the same shock doctrines and neo-liberal attacks threaten to devastate the lives of ordinary people the world over. Here, our own government has no mandate to cut and is also weak as its policy u turns have shown.

On April 2nd we are inviting everyone to join us to stay in Trafalgar square for 24 hours to discuss alternatives to this government and to send a message across the globe that we stand with the people of Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin and with all those fighting for equality, freedom and justice.

Our aim is to ride the momentum of the actions from the 26th. Apologies to anyone who can’t make it to London on this short notice but hopefully this will lead to further actions to keep the movement going. There will be a synchronised pitching of tents at 18.30 so a camp will appear as if from nowhere, banners included.

We want to show solidarity and support to those who were arrested for participating in non-violent protest on the 26th, including the 138 UKuncut protesters who were sitting on the floor of a tea shop. There will be a chance for individuals who suffered at the hands of police at the previous demonstration to let people know what happened.

To make the Square liveable for up to 24 hours we ask that everyone looks after the area and puts litter in bins provided. We will also aim to have a set space for a toilet.

It’s up to you if you choose to bring and drink alcohol, but we think we should remember that we’re here for serious reasons, and should try and keep a clear head. This is important for the perception of a demonstration or action by others and, in case events do take a turn for the worse, for keeping safe and avoiding further unpleasantness. We would like to emphasise that this is a peaceful protest and not a place for violence and disorder.

It would be good to see representatives of all anti-cuts groups at the Square to show solidarity and unity and, particularly in light of yesterday’s March for the Alternative, representatives from trade unions would be most welcome. We see this action as an opportunity to show students, workers and all sections of the anti-cuts movement uniting together.

This is both a place to discuss alternatives and to peacefully protest against the current government’s cuts program. Invite all your friends, this could be really big.

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One Response to Occupy Trafalgar Square for the Alternative

  1. don'tthrowanything says:

    Great moment on Saturday when a rather elderly lady shouted ‘don’t throw anything it gives them an excuse – we are better than them! I think peaceful in this case is stronger.

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